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Two months in Cambodia

with the boysHave just returned from two months with wee Stephen and the family. We had the most amazing time. Went to the province where his grandparents live for two weeks. It is about twenty clicks from the Kep on the Gulf of Thailand. We had a wonderful time.

I have put up a new gallery of photos. Enjoy.



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Hello My Name is Stephen

Since I was handed little Stephen some minutes after he was born I have been singing to him.  Here is today’s song.  Often it does the trick to settle him down and works like a charm. Click image to play movie.

The past is ever present

Do you remember BabyBugzz Umbrella?  Back in the far and distant past  when I travelled to Thailand I brought back the traditional bug umbrella that they use to protect little ones from the biting creatures. Well, Nourn and I  bought one at the market before the birth and we use it every day. The thread of time connects us to our experience.

This one has a cute dinosaur caricature. Very cute. Is it time for the rebirth of the BabyBugzz Umbrella? I find it really fun and interesting that after all these years I am still impressed with the simplicity and usefulness of this bug protection device. BABYBUGZZ forever!


A father’s tale for his son

At 7:25 on February 26th, 2014 a son was born to Joseph MacLean and Sem Sirnourn at the Sorphea Maternity Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Close upAfter a long and somewhat difficult time for Nourn (prounced Newen) the wee boy was born – weighing in at 3500 grams. While the wonderfully attentive, kind and really professional support team (yes, team) worked on Nourn to close off the proceedings I was handed my first son and for the next hour I held him in my arms, thanked the heavens and all the divinities I could name for a hale and hearty son and introduced myself to my first born.



Here are some more photos from that magic first day:

Khmer_coveringsbaby_mittensclasping hands under blanketbaby_touque

In Cambodia they put a touque and mittens on a newborn. I love this as being a Canadian I immediately thought – well, touque and mittens – well he’s Canadian already!!