A father’s tale for his son

At 7:25 on February 26th, 2014 a son was born to Joseph MacLean and Sem Sirnourn at the Sorphea Maternity Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Close upAfter a long and somewhat difficult time for Nourn (prounced Newen) the wee boy was born – weighing in at 3500 grams. While the wonderfully attentive, kind and really professional support team (yes, team) worked on Nourn to close off the proceedings I was handed my first son and for the next hour I held him in my arms, thanked the heavens and all the divinities I could name for a hale and hearty son and introduced myself to my first born.



Here are some more photos from that magic first day:

Khmer_coveringsbaby_mittensclasping hands under blanketbaby_touque

In Cambodia they put a touque and mittens on a newborn. I love this as being a Canadian I immediately thought – well, touque and mittens – well he’s Canadian already!!


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